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Crisis Management Solution 
The effective way to reach online negative comments and feedbacks quickly is to use our social listening application, TOSGUN, to identify the unexpected online communication crisis situation at pre-crisis, during crisis, and post-crisis.



Social CRM Solution

If you lack of control over multiple social media channels, our social CRM application, ARMSHARE, helps you to proactively manage, track, and engage customers’ message and inquiries from social media platforms all in one place.

Our solutions are compatible with the customer relationship department of every organization with any scale,

especially the enterprise without a standing store

Crisis Management Solution

What have your brand and company been talking on social media?

We answer before you question.

Do you know how fast social media turn these problems into a real crisis ?

Be ready for any negative online conversations



Social Monitoring

When negative comments become clear, the solution to the problem become more specific.


what people tell others about their product and service experiences


Discover ongoing problems and issues,

  • Know what make people choose your product/service over competitor’s
  • Know what keeps customer from enjoying your product/service


Keep up-to-date

on people, competitors, companies, and trends that are shaping your business and discover even new opportunities!

Report & Insight

  • Sentiment analysis report
  • Social media benchmarking report
  • Trend & industry report
  • “Companies to watch” report


Create and manage your interaction with current and potential customers all in one place


Social CRM Application

  • Easier and faster way to manage your clients’ social media conversation with the feature compiling every lead in one page
  • Reduce CRM team’s working hour and increase time to respond to customers’ needs and inquiries